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Dark Star - Roslyn Hardy Holcomb
""Are men still telling that lie? If men died of blue balls we'd be stepping on dead bodies everywhere we went.""
Tears of Tess - Pepper Winters I loved experiencing the turmoil going on in Tess' mind. Such a captivating (no pun intended!) book!

Gamble Everything (Gamble Everything, #1-7)

Gamble Everything - Cari Waites Wow - I'd forgotten how good these kinks could be!

Gnome on the Range

Gnome on the Range - Jennifer Zane I've been reading too much shifter/paranormal stuff lately because I was sure someone was going to shift into a gnome!!!
I'm so glad nobody did and that I gave this book a chance. It was cute and hot and funny.

Branded For You (Riding Tall, #1)

Branded For You (Riding Tall, #1) - Cheyenne McCray I had several issues with this book. The biggest is a pet peeve of mine. How did the title connect with the story???? Yes, he is a cowboy and owns a ranch so there is cattle. No branding of cattle mentioned. When he went all Dom on her I thought maybe he would want to brand her but nope. Didn't happen.
The other thing was for the most part I thought I was reading an instruction manual.
Forever His  - Shelly Thacker This book kept my attention and curiosity up. I didn't want to put it down (so I didn't!) I liked the way some of the obstacles that were faced were handled.
Not sure I want to read the others in the series but I will be looking at this author for other books.
Inherit the Sky - Ariel Tachna I liked the concept of this book - who wouldn't root for a guy who leaves everything he knows for what he hopes will be a better life. I didn't like the romance itself. It felt forced and unbelievable at times, as did the homophobes change of heart at the end.
Psychic Moon - M.D. Grimm I liked the concept of this book and wished it was longer and the characters more developed. It was over so quickly.

Hidden Depths

Hidden Depths - Aubrianna Hunter I liked this book. Josh is the uptight lawyer following his family's dream, not his. Gia is the tattooed girl who comes from a broken past but has made something of herself. They've been friends for years and each fights the attraction they feel for the other.
There is light BDSM in this book that adds to the connection they share.
Once in a Lifetime - Ariel Tachna This one was difficult for me to get used to. We are reading his journal and for the first quarter of the book I really struggled and thought I would put it down and not finish it. Luckily, things picked up and I found myself wondering what would happen next.
Damaged Goods - Lauren Gallagher Certainly a heart-warming story with lots of really hot lovin' in it!
The Charlie Factor - Diana DeRicci I liked how Gregory was able to rationally think about his feelings and not just freak out when he began having feelings for Charlie.
I didn't think Charlie let his injury and past define him as another reviewer thought. Maybe if the murder attempt had happened 10 years ago instead of the 1 year Charlie might have been wallowing in it all. I liked how Charlie was in therapy and it was no big deal, no stigma about it at all.
I did feel like the ending was rushed a little and things tied together a little more quickly than they would have in real life.


Protection - S.A. Reid,  T. Baggins Wow. I really loved this book. The way the relationship formed was so real and though I really wanted a happily ever after was there really ever a way they could have had one?
I want more like this! I will be checking out other books by this author for sure!
Santa Saturday - Ryan Field There is nothing wrong with this book. The editing is fine. The dialog is fine. I just couldn't get into it.
I don't care for either character. One is just an ass and the other lets him be an ass.
This one just didn't do it for me.

Chase of a Lifetime (Chase Series, #1)

Chase of a Lifetime (Chase Series, #1) - Ryan Field Such a let down. I was looking forward to reading this book and feel cheated out of what could have been a great story.
The typos drove me crazy.
Len disgusted me in the first scene with Jim. How could Jim have been so completely clueless, scared, and nervous at first and yet he'd had such a vivid fantasy life and spent the last four years jackin' off with huge toys.
Then the term submissive was used a couple of times and I didn't think Jum was submissive - he just fell for every taunt Len threw at him!
As for Cain being his best friend - well, maybe it should have read only friend because Cain never acted like a friend in my opinion.

I did like the way Jim's parents handled the news that their son was gay. I think I liked the parents more than the main charachters.

Choices (Luxuria Trilogy, #1)

Choices (Luxuria Trilogy, #1) - Galia Ryan What will she do, be owned by Adam whom she can't seem to say no to or be with the loveable and safe Jake?

And why when I was broke and maxed out on credit cards did I not think of this option?

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