The Trials of Madeline

The Trials of Madeline - Francis Selford This one really caught my attention and wouldn't let it go.
The BDSM buildup at the beginning wasn't much more than I'd read in other books but then there was the "trial" and it then warped into some areas that were uncomfortable for me (yet I didn't stop reading). There were much more hardcore practices that were eluded to but we weren't subjected to the details. I thought it was nicely done. I was able to dislike the characters knowing the things they were doing but I didn't have to read about them in detail.
After Madeline submitted to Blackvine I kept waiting for her to leave, to turn it all around before she fell victim to his insanity. I was hoping she wouldn't let all the wrongs done to her go unpunished.
This was a book that didn't tie everything up in a nice little bow at the end. Was there justice? I think so.
Now I'm wondering where Madeline is now.