Chase of a Lifetime (Chase Series, #1)

Chase of a Lifetime (Chase Series, #1) - Ryan Field Such a let down. I was looking forward to reading this book and feel cheated out of what could have been a great story.
The typos drove me crazy.
Len disgusted me in the first scene with Jim. How could Jim have been so completely clueless, scared, and nervous at first and yet he'd had such a vivid fantasy life and spent the last four years jackin' off with huge toys.
Then the term submissive was used a couple of times and I didn't think Jum was submissive - he just fell for every taunt Len threw at him!
As for Cain being his best friend - well, maybe it should have read only friend because Cain never acted like a friend in my opinion.

I did like the way Jim's parents handled the news that their son was gay. I think I liked the parents more than the main charachters.